Wide Format

We utilise the very latest technology enabling us to print and cut a very wide range of substrates. Size is not an issue and rigid substrates such as wood, metal and even glass can be printed on with stunning results. The industry name for this technology is misleading, “Large or wide format” limits our thoughts to oversized jobs. We use this tech to print on anything at any size, using effects such as raised ink, high gloss, multi-level print, all in amazing quality.
Benefits of Wide format printing:
Size of output can be massive – Limited by the width of our machines and the length of media.
Variety of substrates from wood /metal /glass/acrylic/vinyl/card and more.
Depth of the substrate can be up to 50mm
Low set up costs: 1 copy is a real option
Durable inks for outdoor use and scratch resistant
Exceptional print quality
Fast Turnaround
Changes they way we think about print – special effects to variety of uses such as exhibition stands, retail displays, banners and window graphics.