With the lives of so many people being disrupted by Covid-19, here are a few ways you can still reach your audience with the help of print marketing.

The opportunity to engage with customers is very limited at the moment. With visits to customers premises close to zero and point of sale advertising going unseen, businesses will feel the only way they can reach their customers is through digital marketing and will work hard to increase their online exposure. This is completely understandable, and digital marketing should account for a large part of any businesses marketing strategy. But with so many ramping up their online presence, will your message be heard and does this create other marketing opportunities.

Where are your customers?

With the UK set to only ease the lockdown very slowly, your customers will most likely be:

  1. Working from home
  2. On furlough
  3. Still at work or returning to work soon.

If you can reach your customers at home via posted mail, then this could be a good opportunity. A break from electronic devices may be a welcome distraction for many, and with little competition, it’s more likely your message will be remembered. Even if you can only reach your customers at their place of work, and your customer isn’t there, your mailer will probably still on their desk when they return. And if most of your customer’s staff have been furloughed, it’s unlikely that their office will remain unstaffed for any length of time. It may be that more senior employees will be picking up the post and may actually be more likely to notice your mailing and act on it! So with all this in mind, here are 5 print marketing ideas for lockdown.

1) Product Detail

Your target audience are likely to have never had so much time on their hands. So, this is the perfect opportunity for them to look a little deeper into what you have to offer. You know the many reasons why they should buy from you, so get it off your chest in the form of a brochure that details every little thing about your product and how it can help them. They may not be in the position to purchase from you now, but when the time comes it’s you that they will remember, and not some fleeting ad they saw in social media.

2) Entertaining the Kids

With most school children unlikely to return to school until September at the earliest, it can be challenging for parents working from home. So, anything you can offer than can keep them entertained for a while will definitely be appreciated. Whether it’s colouring books, paper models to make or something educational, you’ll be remembered for the help you offered.

3) Fight to Virus

Why not incorporate hand sanitizer, face coverings etc in your own branded packaging? These items will be very well received at home or in the office.

4) Confidence Builder

When we do start venturing out and returning to work, we want to be sure we’re safe and doing all we can to prevent the spread of Covid19. So, your place of work should give staff and visitors the confidence that they can remain safe. Buying a few Covid19 posters and stickers is fine, but there’s a lot more to consider. Should you introduce a one-way system? Are there awkward areas like blind bends in corridors?  Do you have doors with no glass where people can accidentally come into close contact with each other? These are the questions a detailed plan should answer to provide customers and staff with the direction they need to remain safe.

5) Repackage

If your customers can’t get to you, why not get your products to them. Cote Restaurants have turned to cook-at-home as a way to continue trading with their #coteathome service and have created some stunning packaging that really captures their product. Can you repackage or change your products to make them post friendly? This can be a great way to show your customers how resourceful you are and to steal a march on your competition.


There is no doubt that the road ahead is rocky, but by sharing ideas and communicating more, anything is possible. If you would like to discuss any of these ideas, or have some ideas of your own you’de like us to help with, then you can contact us on 01494 435060 or info@spotonprint.net.